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Working to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Legal Services Offered

Dan Tesler prides himself in offering a full range of patent and trademark services and in ensuring that all clients receive high quality assistance at reasonable prices.  Whether you have submitted countless patents or have come up with your first invention, Dan can guide you through the patent process and explain your options at each step.  Below is a sampling of the services that Dan can offer, but each patent is unique, so feel free to set up a free, confidential consultation.

  • Utility Patents
    • Initial patent counseling
    • Provisional or nonprovisional utility patent application drafting and filing
    • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application drafting and filing
    • U.S. national stage applications

  • Design Patents
    • Design patent drafting and filing

  • Prior Art Searches​
    • Comprehensive prior art searches
    • Patentability reports

  • Patent Prosecution
    • Amendments
    • Appeals
    • Responses to office actions
    • Preissuance submissions (290 submissions) by third parties
    • Reissue applications
    • Continuation applications

  • Trademarks
    • ​Trademark applications
    • Third party objections and petitions to cancel

  • Other Types of Legal Work
    • Dan is a member of the bar in Maine and Massachusetts and takes on other types of legal work on a case-by-case basis.
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